This scheme was introduced by the Management of CBN SMCSL in order to empower members to participate in the Real Estate Projects promoted by the Society as well as support many to own valuable assets.

It provides Affordable Housing and financial assistance under flexible payment plans which may extend to the end of the Project. Over 2000 members of the Society have benefited in various home acquisition schemes facilitated by the Cooperative in the past 15 years.

RIVER PARK II PROJECT (Terraces & Blocks of Flats), ABUJA

 The immediate past management committee of the cooperative signed a project agreement with the vendor Houses for Africa Nigeria Limited (HFAN) to construct, blocks of flat and terrace duplexes of different designs which would be partly financed through the National Housing fund scheme of the Federal Government. The Present Management Committee in the spirit of continuity implemented the agreement which was to deliver 100 units of Terraces and Blocks of Flats. The project is at different stages of completion. The expected milestone is that the contractors will deliver 60 units by the end of October 2020 while the remaining will be completed in April 2021 and handed over to the home owners.


Our gidan-daya project is located along karishi road by Loyola Jesuit College, near The Nigerian Army Resettlement Barracks. The project has a total of 304 plots which was commissioned in May 2018 and allocation papers given to the beneficiaries. The project site has space for everything that creates a conducive and comfortable atmosphere for its beneficiaries. The street has been tarred over time with water and electricity facilities properly provided for to enable an ultra- modern environment. The project site is linked by two access roads, the first access road from karishi and the second passes through the layola Jesuit college road.


Wumba shopping mall is situated at Choos Estate, apo wumba, Abuja. It has over 45 shops all en-suite with modern facilities. The mall has a large parking lot which takes in 50 cars at a time, it has well-placed exit and entry points that allows for proper management of traffic inflow. The mall is designed to serve the estate as its choice destination for commodity transactions with over 300 houses of different size.


 This initiative is designed to grant Financial Assistance to members to enable them to purchase automobiles during the COOP Exhibitions and Consumer Fair and on the CBN Coop E-Mall, repayment could span between 1-4 years.