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Dear esteemed members, 

On behalf of the Management Committee of our esteemed Society, we wish to inform you of the launch of the following services effective today Friday 30th October 2020  (30-10-20);

1. COOP website: CBN COOP is unveiling its website as a window to project the activities of the Society and to provide business opportunities for Cooperative and members through various services and schemes. 

2.The COOPMALL goes live in Abuja and Lagos, arrangement to spread to other locations will be concluded early in 2021. The Annual COOP exhibition for Lagos and Abuja will take place online via the COOPMALL.

3. COOP e-wallet; the Management Committee approved the introduction of an e-wallet for all members, the wallet is a credit scheme in which members of the COOP have up to N200,000 to shop in the COOPMALL. The amount attracts ZERO Interest to members. For the launch of the mall, any amount expended will up to 15 December 2020 will be due for repayment in January 2021 at no interest.

In the coming weeks, the wallet will be translated to a credit card in which members can use for shopping all over the country and beyond in large retail outlets, hotels, airlines, etc.

4.COOP Delivery and Services: the CBN COOP is in partnership with some Logistics companies to enhance the efficient delivery of items purchased in the CoopMall. This service is being introduced in  Lagos and Abuja.  We hope to spread to other locations in the coming weeks.


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